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Lifestyle Photography, Brisbane Lifestyle Photographer

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Lifestyle Photography, Brisbane Lifestyle Photographer

How I run each session

A common question I get is, what is lifestyle photography and how do you work? For me, lifestyle photography is a capturing you and your family in your space with gentle guidance and prompts. It lays in between perfectly curated, posed studio photography and fly on the wall documentary photography. It is about capturing the special "in between" moments and the beautiful chaos.

So how do I work?

How I work and run my sessions may be different to the next photographer and how they run their lifestyle sessions. Each session is run slightly differently, and that is the beauty of lifestyle photography. I don't force you or your children into positions that don't feel natural and get you to stand and stare at my camera, I will offer direction on where to position yourself to have the best lighting and give you prompts to capture natural, effortless moments and connection.

Maternity Sessions:

For maternity sessions, I work around what you want and your needs which is usually some posed solo images with a stunning ethereal feel, prompted couple photos that highlight connection and intimacy, and some candid family shots i.e. walking with your family, play or collecting flowers. I really focus on details, connection and how your beautiful belly looks in full bloom. I recommend maternity sessions between 32-36 weeks, with the optimal timing being 34 weeks or closer to 30/32 weeks for multiples. Maternity sessions can be held indoors or outdoors.

Family Sessions:

Family sessions are run as a story telling session that last approximately 60 minutes. I will capture one group shot of everyone looking at the camera as well as all the children together, then it's about connection and play. I will use prompts, jokes and activities to engage you all as a family to capture those magical moments. Family sessions can be held outdoors at sunset or in home/ in the backyard. These sessions are about the connection not the perfection.

Newborn Sessions:

Newborns <3 Tiny squishy little delicious beans up to 6 weeks old. My newborn sessions have my heart, as a midwife and a photographer, there is no greater privilege than to be invited into someone's newborn bubble. Newborn sessions are very fluid, meaning I work around your newborn & other children. In my opinion, the most special place to capture a newborn is your home, as well as it being the most comfortable for you all; the place where all your memories will be held, the place where you brought your baby home to first (or birthed them at).

During newborn sessions, I am there to capture the love, the connection, the tears, the chaos, the feeding, the scars and everything else that comes along with bringing a new baby into the world. I will work with you to really understand what you want captured, and what you don't want captured. My sessions include a certain number of common lifestyle shots as well as candid and some posed family shots. I aim to capture you in a few different spaces where the lighting is the best. I capture the precious tiny details that you don't want to fade from your memory. I won't wrap your baby up and turn them into a ball and stick them in a bucket, I will simply capture them as they are (with some flowers and cute outfits of course). Newborn sessions can be indoor or outdoor.

Intimate Womanhood/Maternity:

I hold a special spot for these artistic sessions. These in home sessions are lightly posed and prompted to capture the most flattering angles and lighting. I bring flowers and a sense of calm to your space whilst being your hype girl. My goal is to make you feel as beautiful as I see you. These sessions are a perfect way to capture you as you are now or even to give as a gift to a special someone.

Motherhood: Motherhood sessions are born out of a love and deep understanding of how motherhood changes you as a person for the better. I capture the connection you have with your child/children and give you prompts for connecting whilst advising you were to stand/look for the best lighting. These sessions like all other sessions are fluid to where your little people are at. These sessions are perfect to capture intimate moments like breastfeeding or a milk and flower bath.

All sessions are fluid and not rigid in any way shape or form. My favourite thing about my process is that no two galleries are exactly the same. Whilst I use similar prompts and aim for certain shots throughout your sessions, I give you the space to make the session yours and individual. My questionnaires help me to better understand your wants and needs, and if I feel that my style doesn't align with what you want; I am happy to make recommendations to other amazing photographers within your area.To boost the post’s SEO, include a keyword in the title.

Luka is a Brisbane based midwife & photographer. If you would like to know more or have Luka capture your family, click the link below :)

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