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Welcoming Baby Lachie

Brisbane #Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Welcoming a new baby into the world is quite pissibly the most monumentous occasion you will ever go through, yet many families still don't consider newborn photography important. Kat & Joel did, they understand that this time is so fleeting and the details will soon fade from memory. Kat and Joel invested in their memories, even when they were tired and may not have felt like being behind the camera.

When Kat reached out, it was evident that we were going to capture the most special moments. Kat appreciated that I would come to their house and capture not only the beautiful styled shots, but also capture them all as they are in the first home they brought their baby boy home to; the home they curated to be their safe place.

I arrived to Kat's & Joels home in the morning with two coffees in hand, greeted by their doggo & kitty (both boys, completely out numbering Kat!). I calmed Kat's and Joel's nerves as they bustled around anxiously cleaning and tidying, they quickly learnt that this was so not important and the session was going to be relaxed and focused on love and connection, not perfection.

We started the session off with Kat picking a piece of clothing from my client closet for both her and Lachie. Kat opted for a Hazel & Folk white dress & a Rumi Robe for her breastfeeding shots. We started the session with a breastfeed, in Lachies room by a window.

The session was fluid, and as we moved from room to room, the love and connection was so natural. I didn't put them in awkard poses or put Lachlan in any unnatural positions. We managed to capture memories in a few rooms of their house, and even got the fur children involved too.

When Kat received her gallery back, she said "Thanks so much!! They’re gorgeous and you did amazing! Cant wait to see your future projects! Xx" and swiftly purchased the entire digital collection.

If you are interested in learning more or booking a newborn shoot, follow the link below <3

Luka is a Brisbane lifestyle photographer documenting real stories of connection and love. Luka's focus is on maternity, newborns, families & motherhood.

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