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Antenatal Education Resources

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Brisbane Antenatal Resources

For the Brisbane Mums

Written By Luka Waugh, Photographer and Registered Midwife with over 10 years experience
Mother with Baby

As a mother and a midwife, I have been on both sides of antenatal care and have developed a passion for education and empowerment. I understand the limitations within many maternity care systems, including the education provided within the limited time allocated for antenatal appointments. Whilst there is an abundance of antenatal resources you might come accross, the following resources I give to all my clients and have personally used myself on my journey through pregnancy and matrescence.


Spinning Babies

Spinning babies is a wonderful educational resource that delves into how moving your body during pregnancy can help with optimal fetal positioning for when labour comes, as well as offering resources on how to turn a baby from a malposition to a cephalic (head down) position. Spinning babies is one of my favourite resources and also offers an affordable education course on top of an abundance of free resources. Spinning Babies can be found at & via instagram at @spinningbabies

Australian Birth Stories

Where do I start with this phenomenal resource. Sophie Walker has been a pioneer in the birth space, creating a podcast that interviews women about their birth experiences and recently has delved into the postnatal experiences of women. Australian Birth Stories began as a podcast and has expanded to provide a book, classes & free educational resources. Australian birth stories is backed by the Australian College of Midwives, and is a beautiful that delves into birth in an unbiased way. Sophie has created a village that empowers and inspires, and I don't know if I would have felt as confident to birth my own baby without her gentle guidance. Australian Birth Stories podcast can be found on Spotify, Apple & Google podcasts, her book " The Complete Australian Guide to Pregnancy & Birth" is found via her website & in selected retailers, and her amazing classes are found via the website at and via instagram at @australianbirthstories

Core Floor & Restore

Core Floor & Restore is run by midwife, personal trainer, mother & published academic, Bernadette Lack. It is the passion project of Bernadette who started her journey to heal her own pelvic floor dysfunction. Bernadette not only focuses on physical health & healing, but also the emotional needs of her clients. Bernadette offers classes, one on one sessions & birth debriefs. As someone who has personally done a class with B, I can highly recommend seeking her out antenatally and being proactive in preparing your pelvic floor for birth and beyond. You can find Core, Floor & Restore at & Instagram @coreandfloorrestore.


I have followed Beth since the inception of Birth with Beth and love all the free content she puts out. Beth is a Melbourne based midwife & mother. Her content is easy to follow and informative. Beth runs an antenatal class via her website as well as recently starting her very own podcast, found on Spotify, Google & Apple podcasts. You can find Beth at and via her instagram @birthwithbeth.

Hypnobirthing Australia

Hypnobirthing is a technique used in birth that helps to address fears, let go, reframe how you think of pain and offers techniques to women and their partners to take into their birth. It has fast become a very popular course, with many women becoming empowered by these techniques. Hypnobirthing Australia offers online classes and a directory to registered hypnobirthing practitioners within Australia. Hypnobirthing Australian can be found online at & via instagram at @hypnobirthingaustralia.

Mr Dad

Mr.Dad is an antenatal and education resource for expectant fathers. Mr Dad is run by a midwife & father who recognised the need for more education focused on educating fathers. Mr Dad offers online courses as well as a one off class at the pub. You can find Mr Dad at and via instagram at @mr_dad_australia

Peach Tree Foundation

Peach Tree is a community based mental health organisation based in Brisbane that supports families impacted by the emotional and mental challenges of the perinatal period and beyond. Peach Tree is an organisation that has a lived experience workforce, meaning the staff who offer support have lived experience of the challenges of bringing a new baby home. Peach Tree offer programs at Nundah, Mt Gravatt & Caboolture and continue to expand their services. They also offer a book. Peach Tree can be found at, at instagram at @peachyparents

Tiny Hearts Education

Bringing a new baby home can be incredibly daunting. It is an immense responsibility, with minimal to no preparation of what to do in a medical event. Tiny Hearts is an organisation founded by a paramedic who saw the huge gap of knowledge in the community, and is now run by a community of healthcare professionals. Tiny Hearts offers an abundance of free educational resources and also runs classes throughout the year. I have personally used Tiny Hearts on more than one occasion, learning about possible medical situations I would have never thought of. Tiny Hearts can be found at and via instagram at @tinyheartseducation.

Australian Breastfeeding Association

The ABA is an organisation that supports families on their feeding journey, from offering antenatal education & classes to feeding support when you go home. The ABA is endorsed by QLD health and is part of the Pregnancy Health Records educational page on breastfeeding. The ABA can be found at


Megan from True Natal is a Midwife, Lactation Consultant, Sleep & Parenting Coach based in Redlands and working throughout the Brisbane, Bayside, Logan, Gold Coast, Ipswich & Sunshine Coast regions. Megan offers individualised care to her families, and works collaboratively with other providers in the area to help achieve the best outcome and to help families thrive. Megan offers face to face & virtual appointments as well as a donation based baby bootcamp once a month, helping babies to meet their developmental milestones while working with a paediatric physiotherapist. You will find Megan at & at instagram at @true_natal.

Whilst these are some antenatal resources, there are endless resources available including lots of freebies. Knowledge is power, and offers you the ability to make informed decisions and feel confident in doing so; as well as asking questions about your recommended care. Some books I also recommend to women are Ina May's Guide to Childbirth - Ina May Gaskin & Reclaiming Childbirth as a Right of Passage - Dr Rachel Reed.

Luka is a Midwife & lifestyle photographer based in Brisbane focusing on Maternity, Newborns, Family & Motherhood. Want to work with Luka, click the link below :)

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