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The Value Of Photography

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

The Value of Photography

Brisbane Newborn Photographer

So you want photo's done, but can't justify the price...

I get it, photography seems expensive. Especially when phone camera's are soooo crisp these days, and you can stick a filter over it and have a nice picture. But that's all it is, a nice picture. What you can't do is compose an image to capture a feeling or emotion, read the light and understand how different lighting affects an images white balance and how to counteract that , adjust an image to turn in into a piece of art that you can only do with the use and knowledge of professional editing software. You also definitely can't print and hang these images on the wall and have the same quality you get from professional photography.

I recently read an article about photography that hit the nail on the head though, photo's are an investment, as they gain more value over time. This is why photo's may seem expensive now, but in 10, 20, 30 years time; they will become more valuable. You won't remember the investment you made at the time, and suddenly, it will seem cheap.

So what goes into one photo? Why ARE they so expensive. The reason is, because your photographer is an artist. Each photographer shoots in such a unique style. And that is about 5% of what they do. Behind an hour shoot is another 7 hours of organisation, maintaining equipment, collaboration, location scouting & editing. A one hour photoshoot can quickly become 8 hours of work. Ontop of the time it takes to shoot, maintaining equipment as well as maintaining platforms & continuing education, costs your photographer thousands of dollars each year.

It is quite literally, a labour of love.

So all that aside, why SHOULD you invest in photography? Well that's just it, it is an investment. It is an investment in time, an heirloom if you will. It is a precious memory frozen into a still image for you to hang on the wall, to observe and reflect on for years to come. It is a conversation starter. A tear jerker. Do you remember sitting around your grandmothers coffee table as a child looking at family pictures of your parents as children? Do you remember looking in awe at your mother pregnant?

Brisbane Family Photographer

Or maybe, you have never even seen your mother in her pregnancy glow. How much money would you spend to have an image like that to cherish? Well, it doesn't matter how much you are willing to spend if the photo was never taken.

That is why you should invest in having professional images taken.

Because they are a priceless heirloom that cannot be replaced or bought in the future. Photography is truly one of the only investments you will make that will provide a promised return. You will NEVER regret having your photo's taken during the most sacred season of your life.

Luka is a Brisbane based photographer & midwife working on Turrbal country. Want to know more or work with Luka? Click the link below :)

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